Caroline's Cooking

Beef osso buco

Ossobuco is an easy and delicious slow-cooked Italian dish. While traditionally made with veal, beef shank is usually easier to find (and cheaper too) but just as tasty. 

Let’s get started!

Gather your ingredients


This uses easy to find ingredients that add aromatic flavor. Prepare the vegetables by cutting into a small dice.

Dust the beef shanks in flour


This helps to add flavor and thickens the sauce.  Shake off excess as you don't want the coating to be too heavy.

Brown the beef


Make sure you get a good sear by having a hot pan - this gets lots of flavor!  Brown on both sides then remove from the pan.

Soften the vegetables then let cook


Softening the veg really helps to bring out the natural sweetness Then add wine, reduce and add stock/water.

Add back meat, cover and simmer


Nestle the beef shanks in the sauce and leave to cook low and slow so that the meat becomes really tender.

Make gremolata to top


The gremolata is a simple mix of parsley, lemon zest and garlic. It adds a lovely fresh finish to the dish.

Traditionally served with risotto alla Milanese (a version of saffron risotto) for a wonderfully tasty, comforting meal!