Caroline's Cooking

Beet apple salad with maple vinaigrette 

This simple salad takes no time to make and is packed with delicious flavors and crunch.  Perfect as a light lunch or s side dish.

Let’s get started!

Toast the pine nuts


Pine nuts add a lovely little nutty flavor to the salad and pair so well.  You could substitute with some pepitas or almonds.

Slice the apples


You can use whatever variety you have, but crisp, sweet-tart is probably best. Remove the core and slice thinly.

Grate the beet


This recipe uses raw beet, so no need to cook - just peel and coarsely grate them.

Layer it up!


Layer up the arugula, beet, apple and toasted pine nuts, then shake/whisk together the dressing and drizzle over.

It makes a perfect side to lots of meals, as well as being a great simple lunch, especially with some added protein.