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Chicken Saltimbocca

Looking for an easy chicken dinner recipe, that feels a little more interesting? Or something to serve guests for a dinner party? This delicious main would fit perfectly for either.

Let’s get started!

Gather your ingredients


The main ingredients are chicken breasts or tenders, prosciutto and sage, plus wine, lemon and stock for the sauce.

Prepare the chicken


Flatten out the chicken, season then top one side with prosciutto and sage. Use a cocktail stick to hold everything together

Cook the chicken


Start with the prosciutto side down first, then flip them over. Being thin, the chicken cooks quickly.

Make the sauce


Take the chicken out and make the sauce in the same dish. Use a little flour to help thicken the sauce, then add your liquids and stir. 

Perfect to serve for a fancy meal, or even whip up on a busy weeknight. Great with mashed potato, bread or orzo and some beans/greens.