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Easy sparkling cocktails

Bubbles can make a celebration feel that bit more special. Why not change up plain sparkling wine with one of these delicious, easy cocktails?

Let’s mix things up!

Strawberry bellini

This twist on a classic brunch cocktail uses pureed strawberries for a bright, fruity and beautiful light cocktail.

Lillet spritz

Aperol isn't the only spritz! This lovely Lillet version is fruity, aromatic and wonderful for any occasion.

Cava sangria

Cava sangria might be less well known than the red wine version, but it's a wonderful mix of fruitiness and bubbles.

Kir imperial

This 2 ingredient cocktail is a twist on the Kir Royale, using raspberry liqueur. Elegant & delicious.

Champagne mojito

Just as the name suggests, this is a mojito with added champagne - it's all your favorite flavors made that bit more special!

Pomegranate French 75

This is a simple twist on the classic champagne cocktail with a splash of grenadine for color and flavor.