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Lemon pudding cake

This lemon pudding cake is kind of special: it separates out as it bakes to form a tangy lemon curd-like layer at the bottom and cake-like top. It's also easy to make and incredibly comforting.

Let’s get started!

Gather your ingredients


You just need pantry staples ot make this: eggs, butter, flour, sugar, milk and lemon.

Beat the egg whites


Whisk the egg whites until they forms stiff peaks.  This is the part that helps to add some lightness to the dessert's topping.

Mix the other ingredients separately


Use a separate bowl to first cream the sugar and butter, then add in the rest. 

Fold the egg whites into other batter


You are looking to get a balance between being mixed but not losing too much air in the egg white. A few lumps here and there is fine.

Cook in a water bath


By placing the dish with the pudding cake mixture inside another dish with water, it helps keep the cooking temperature more even. 

This dessert has a lovely mix of tanginess and sweetness. And so easy, too. Enjoy!