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Maple roasted buttercup squash

If you haven't tried buttercup squash, it's a delicious variety to try - relatively sweet, not too dense and smooth texture. It's perfect roasted like this, and you can also use this recipe for other squash, too.

Let’s get started!

Chop and de-seed the squash


Take care as you cut into the squash, the skin can be tough to get through! Scoop out the seeds and the soft core around them.

Peel (optional) and cut into chunks


You don't have to peel the squash - it is edible - but it can be a little tougher so I prefer to peel it.  Cut the squash into even sized pieces.

Toss with oil and maple syrup


Here comes the magic! Toss the squash in a baking dish with oil and maple syrup mixed together.  Spread into a single layer.



Roast until the edges start to go slightly brown and caramelized.

It makes a perfect side to lots of meals, like roast meats, stews and more.