Caroline's Cooking

Swiss chocolate almond cookies (Basler brunsli)

These Swiss cookies are made with only a few ingredients and naturally both dairy and gluten free. The process is a little unusual, but the result is wonderfully tasty. Perfect to add to any cookie plate.

Let’s get started!

Gather and mix the ingredients 


All you need is almond flour, chocolate, sugar, egg white and a couple spices. Mixing is really easy - let the food processor do the work!

Roll out the dough and cut cookies


The dough can be quite sticky so roll it between parchment dusted with sugar.

Leave the cookies to dry out


This is where it's a little unusual! You leave the cookies to dry a few hours or overnight. 



Bake until they are dry to the touch. Let them cool slightly before transferring from the baking sheet.

Perfect to enjoy during the festive season (or whenever you want to make an excuse!)